Angrybeth likes SoundToys

I'm grabbing Electroplankton, mainly as it represents a mainstream videogame artwork. Created by Toshio Iwai, these little interactive sound toys for the Nintendo DS, spurred me on in my creation of SL based sound toys. As Electroplankton exploited the hardware of the DS to creative effect, a lot of my investigations into SL based sound toys, exploited what was capable in Second Life.

I've always been into interactive and generative computer based visuals and sound generators, making my own, since acquiring an Amiga500 in the late 80's and a copy of Dpaint and AMOS.
It was joining Second Life, that revived my interest in making Soundtoys, after several years kicking it with filmmaking. From simple loop sequencers to more complex datamining based generative sound generators, I like playing around with SecondLife scripting.

Ultimately - a lot of my practice is making toys, rather than art installations - all of my pieces tends to be focused on making people experiment and play with the work, rathet than something standalone and self-contained. I get a buzz out of seeing people making their own machinima of playing with my stuff.

Aurili Oh dancing while playing with Synthy-go-round, machinima by WillowShenlin.

Osprey Therian, jumping about in SynthyCube.

Anywho - you can find my stuff lying around in Second Life - mostly at the Port Sim

Check out SoundToys.net - a portal to a lot of really cool and playful experiments.

Check out Adam Nash / Adam Ramona - sound artist using Second Life.

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